Chris Hodgson, BA (Hons) Dip LA. Landscape Architect

Chris has been designing gardens and landscape for over 15 years. Projects range from small courtyards to parks and public space. He believes that the concept of high quality design combined with rigorous project management are essential in the production of high quality landscape projects.

Throughout his training as a Landscape Architect and as part of his ongoing personal development he has visited gardens and functional outdoor spaces across Europe and attends lectures and seminars on developing trends affecting landscape design.

Chris is trained in Computer Aided Design and 3D computer modelling techniques which is an integral way of communicating his ideas to the client and ensuring that they have a full understanding of the project.

Chris's presence on-site is fundamental for overseeing the more technical side of construction. He has a wealth of experience in planning budgets, contract management and liaising with all parties to ensure quality and value for money.

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