Christopher Hodgson
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Design Process

  1. We arrange a meeting to view the project and get an understanding of the brief. We will them provide a fee estimate with details of how this fee is broken down.
  2. A survey and feasibility study is then carried out and existing plans located to allow some sketch designs to be produced. A meeting or meetings will then follow to look at the various ideas and work towards a preferred vision. We often advise on potential costs at this stage.
  3. We will now often produce a 3D computer model illustrating levels, textures, planting, shade and viewpoints. This is invaluable for getting a "feel for the project" and to make material choices.
  4. Detailed drawings and plans are then produced to provide a contractor with the technical detail and dimensions necessary to construct the project. A detailed costing list will also be produced.
  5. Now any planning applications or similar items will be dealt with if required, although this may have been started earlier depending on the project.
  6. The project can then be tendered to various suitable contractors and the preferred contractor can be appointed.
  7. We can then manage the contract and inspect work as the project requires leading to completion.
  8. We can advise on a suitable maintenance schedule and monitor this contract.

Our services include:

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